The Luxury of Performance

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Experience the luxury of handcrafted performance with an exclusive creation from MG TECH bicycles. Handmade carbon fiber bicycles tuned to the type of ride your prefer: for the mountains, flat lands, or all around. Each bike has a heart like no other that transforms your experience with a measurable gain in fun, speed and recovery.

white bike MGTECH 3/4 front
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A planetary gear inside the crank improves your performance, reduces heart rate & enhances recovery. Whether you enjoy a weekend ride or are aiming to achieve your personal best, the Union Cycliste International (UCI) legal crankset will help you get there.

mécanisme du pédalier ULTIME
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It's all about the ride. An exclusive ride on an exclusive bike for people who demand quality, refinement and performance. Our adventure is taking off. We will share happenings, rider experiences with MG TECH bicycles, and dates and places to join us for an MG TECH Tour.

Experience the luxury of performance at an MGTECH TOUR

"The first impression when riding - what fun! How easy it is to turn the legs, even in a large gear."

Eric Villena (Ironman triathlete)